genuine Panama hat


A genuine Panama hat with the Brisba weave. A must for any aficionado. It is unique in style just like you.

Made in Cuenca Ecuador, a genuine Panama hat is handwoven in a spiral direction and made from Toquilla palm. What a nice hat to wear on a hot summer day. Handwoven in Ecuador, the Panama hat with a fine weave is unique in style, just like you. A quality Panama hat can take several weeks to produce. The fine quality of a fine-weaved Panama hat can only be found in Cuenca Ecuador. Made for allocations, Panama hats are a great addition to your collection. To start such a project, you must first manipulate the toquilla palm fibres.

When you are ready for a Panama hat look us up. Located in Long Beach California Vintage Hatters is making old and new again. With an excellent selection of Panama, straw, and palm hats. Visit our pop shops and reacquaint yourself with the look and feel of original quality vintage hats, made in America by traditional craftsmen.

genuine Panama hat

Our Selection Of Genuine Panama Hats We Offer Has Unique Crown Shapes, Brim Styles, and Colors.

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