handwoven panama


The handwoven Panama hat. Perfection and quality crafted with Toquilla palm straw.

Handwoven Panama hats are traditionally fashioned from genuine Toquilla palm straw. And crafted by master weavers in Cuenca Ecuador. And using the finest quality toquilla palm. It is lightweight using a boasts a tight weave. It takes several weeks to produce a fino Panama. And only a specific few hats are handwoven by master weavers. Like this fino grade, you see below. The fino Panama hat is from 1960. This genuine Panama hat is a superb addition to any hat collection.

Whether you’re out on town day or night. This Panama is great for summer or fall. The handwoven Panama hat is a fantastic choice that matches perfectly with multiple dress styles. So if you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind Panama hat take a look at our fantastic collection. Original quality vintage Panama hats are always in stock at our shop.

Learn more about our genuine Panama hats connect with us online. We’re open and ready to ship to you. Online or at the flea markets, you can shop our styles and reacquaint yourself with the look and feel of original quality vintage hats.


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