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fine felt hats

Creating Tremendous Style Moments In Los Angeles

Every day in Los Angeles is spent creating tremendous style moments. How does anything really happen… It happend on a bright Sunday afternoon hanging at our flea-market pop-up. After meeting […]

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Being Human, Resolve In The Time Of Human Obsession

Being human is odd enough especially when you’re driven by a singular obsession to be first. To be first, to be best, to be the richest, to be the only […]

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handwoven panama

Handwoven Panama, An Original Quality Vintage Hat

The handwoven Panama hat. Perfection and quality crafted with Toquilla palm straw. Handwoven Panama hats are traditionally fashioned from genuine Toquilla palm straw. And crafted by master weavers in Cuenca […]

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Why The Black Feather in My Hats

Why the black feather?— I decided to add a feather in my style of hats, rather one style of hat.  Made in the USA by Stetson, I love wearing my […]

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We Are Now Offering Gift Cards to Use Online and Pop-Ups

We’re now offering gift cards to use online or pop-ups across Los Angeles and Orange County. We made shopping for hats simple. We’ve partnered with SquareUp.com (Square, Inc.) to bring […]

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This Hat Is Huge and Makes a Statement!

A huge hat makes a statement, and this hat is huge. You make that look awe-inspiring? Thanks, Patrisia Yabes, LifestyledbyP for sharing your fantastic style with us. Keep Rockin! According […]

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Make A Plan For Your Big Adventures To Indio Ca | Coachella

Big Adventures Await! Best Pack Two Hats And Sunscreen.  Your big Adventures will require more than just papas and beer. On your way out the door don’t forget to stock plenty […]

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It’s Official Pot Legalized in California – Pre Order Your Hemp Gear for Spring

Record-High Support for Legalizing Marijuana Use in U.S.[/caption] Adult-use marijuana sales are now legal, 20 years after California voters approved the sales of medicinal marijuana. Image left shows number of […]

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True American Vintage Hats For Christmas.

All I want for Christmas is an American vintage hat. You won’t find them in this condition anymore. Made in American, this Craxton 1940 fine fur felt Whippet fedora was […]

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Greek Fishermen’s Cap Black Boots and Denim Now You’re Ready.

Greek Fisherman’s Cap – It has never really fallen out of style. Try one and you’ll be hooked. Fisherman caps are traditionally made of black or navy wool, and can […]

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Barbershops of America Part 4 – Amherst Ave – Uppercut Deluxe

Nowadays barbers put a lot of things in their shop to make it look cool or to give the effect that it’s been around a while. They aren’t fooling anyone. Take […]

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Christmas Stocking Stuffer ‘classic Christmas Collections’ – Uppercut Deluxe

Introducing ‘Classic Christmas Collections’, a limited-edition Christmas gifting range from Uppercut Deluxe. This range is a celebration of what Uppercut Deluxe does best – A core range of tried and […]

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Who Will You Wear for The New Year. Snaps of Trendy Women’s Street Fashion of The 1920 S — Old Guv Legends

Berlin, 1928 Immortalized In Movies And Magazine Covers, Young Women’s Fashion Of The 1920S Was both a trend and social statement, a breaking-off from the rigid Victorian way of life. […]

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There’s Something to Say About Long Beach – Swingin’ Art Deco Tea Party Aboard the Queen Mary | L.A. Weekly

@vintagehatters, #vintagehatters

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Unsaddle Your Dusty Hat and Shop, with Our Compliments

When you pop-in our shop you’re welcomed to un-saddle your dusty hat and spruce it up with 100% horse hair brush. A genuine horse hair brisle brush will help freshen […]

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genuine Panama hat

The Genuine Panama Hat Unique In Style Just Like You

A genuine Panama hat with the Brisba weave. A must for any aficionado. It is unique in style just like you. Made in Cuenca Ecuador, a genuine Panama hat is handwoven […]

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a year in hats by vintage hatters

A new year in hats, inspiring styles of Los Angeles.

Spend a brand new year in hats. We’re inspired by your personal style. Consider spending a full year in hats. Most days, I dawn a black beret. Stepping out as […]

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