Being Human, Resolve In The Time Of Human Obsession

Being human is odd enough especially when you’re driven by a singular obsession to be first.

To be first, to be best, to be the richest, to be the only one. It’s odd-to-be alive, never wanting lesser. Humans, by its own accord, not wanting much. By its obsession– humans have a firm determination to get more. In search of life lessons. I’d conclude with more questions than when started. “Is the term human-ism rooted in science or faith. Do you see it? is it in the genes? Do you feel it? How much is enough? Is it not enough to be sick, to be poor. or hungry, or to be alone?” I exist therefore I am. A human obsessed.

Is it a de-facto conception, that to be truly human is not to want lesser. In a time where humanity and life are outweighed by its considerable obsession.

A virus made by humans a long time past. Moves about freely in the world. Existing in this world to be your obsession. I am a virus and I will continue to exist for your resolve. Persistence matters in science, and also in religion. Perhaps, this time there is more about being human– numbered 19, another casualty of its resolve. We will have to keep searching.

Today it is you. Day after day, you will be there, through the night using your most expensive equipment. The best electrons, and the fastest microns. And without eyes to see I know you’re there. Perhaps next week no more. The other in the room intensely gazing down in awe, seeking for more. More for your resolve. There, standing tirelessly you battle-on, wearing a mask for safety, presumably– probably not. Obsessed humans, scattered about. Peering into scopes, looking at my past.

You value me for I am a virus. I offer no love or hate. I possess no guilt or remorse. Are you a number, like me, the obsession you created a long time past? Do you feel safe? Looking through your multi-million dollar high-res lenses. Staring endlessly, you can only imagine what more I can be for your resolve. Foolishly you marvel at my existence for I am your resolve.

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