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handwoven panama

Handwoven Panama, An Original Quality Vintage Hat

The handwoven Panama hat. Perfection and quality crafted with Toquilla palm straw. Handwoven Panama hats are traditionally fashioned from genuine Toquilla palm straw. And crafted by master weavers in Cuenca Ecuador. And using the finest quality toquilla palm. It is lightweight using a boasts a tight weave. It takes several weeks to produce a fino […]

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genuine Panama hat

The Genuine Panama Hat Unique In Style Just Like You

A genuine Panama hat with the Brisba weave. A must for any aficionado. It is unique in style just like you. Made in Cuenca Ecuador, a genuine Panama hat is handwoven in a spiral direction and made from Toquilla palm. What a nice hat to wear on a hot summer day. Handwoven in Ecuador, the Panama […]

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