Hats and California’s Safe Drinking Water Act of 1986, (p65)

The “P65Warning” label in California’s (prop65)… Yeah, but what does it mean about the hat you’re about to buy from Vintage Hatters.? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with hats, in my opinion, so keep calm and wear on! oh, and– the labels are there to keep you in the well-informed about the chemicals in many products, and yes even coffee

You may have heard, or seen the “P65WARNING” labels pasted on many hats sold across California, specifically hats sold in California. Proposition 65 requires California to publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Most but not all manufacturers keep the majority of their production process a secret. This includes chemicals used by US manufacturers to create your hat. And while many chemicals-in-the-raw may have been linked to causing cancer, is there a problem with wearing these hats? No!

Currently, there are no known complications brought about from the buying, storing, or wearing of any hat made in America or that you buy from us at Vintage Hatters. 

Be in the know – Source: Proposition 65 Warnings Website – Your right to know

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