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Genuine Panama Hats Unique in Style Just Like You

A Genuine Panama hat is a must-have of the aficionado. Unique in style just like you, Panama hats with a fine Brisa weave are artistically hand-woven in Ecuador… and never made. The Panama hats we offer are unique, a style all their own. Woven for weeks from genuine toquilla palm fibers, this Brisa-weave Panama has a unique style all their own. Shop our […]

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Welcome to a new year of hats in Los Angeles

Mr.George – Curator of Hats I am a maker of hats and style and uncovering specialty hats is what I do. My friends and I like hats a-lot and we’re out to make old new again. Keeping tradition and original quality top-of-mind, we’re curating a superb choice of vintage and classic hat styles for men […]

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