This Hat Is Huge and Makes a Statement! New Year, New Hat — Lifestyledbyp

We’re loving your awesome style P.

Keep Rockin That Beautiful Hat!

This hat is huge and makes a statement; Never have truer words been spoken yet been made to look so awe-inspiring. Thanks, Patrisia Yabes, LifestyledbyP for sharing your fantastic style with us. Keep Rockin! That’s a great choice P — being that its the last of its kind, according to my Pals in Texas, this truly fabulous wide brim Gaucho was made special by Resistol in Garland TX.

Silver Belly in color, firm fur felt construction, a wide brim flat, and the traditional pencil curl. The Gaucho sombrero is an excellent choice for the new year, and perfect for your next adventure out. I don’t need to say more, see for yourself how Patrisia Yabes Rocks her distinctive style.

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If you can’t tell this hat is huge and makes a statement! This outfit would also be great for fall – since winter in Cali isn’t as cold it worked for me here.

Source: New year, new hat — LifestyledbyP

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