Why The Black Feather in My Hats

Why the black feather?— I decided to add a feather in my style of hats, rather one style of hat. 

Made in the USA by Stetson, I love wearing my Open Road 6X every day. Its firm felt construction, a cattleman pinch and a thin bound edge makes it possible to wear every day. As a personal signature to my style, I added a common black Crow feather and a Porky-Pine quill. Below are some of the other reasons why I use a black Crow feather.

The Raven Crow is a Nobel bird let alone wise and watchful, and yes ominous. Truth be known, there is nothing common about the Crow. A Crow or as many would call it Raven is a parental bird, It will feed and watch over young-crows, not his own. And that’s if the parent crow can not do it, that is if they’re dead. [noble]

Like so many intelligent birds who imitate sounds; a car-alarm, machinery, or just other birds, the Crow can do all that and more. [smart]

When nestled together with other classes of birds, the Crow will mimic the alpha-bird so that other birds accept it as an Alpha. [smart + watchfull] To come across Crows grouped together is “MURDER” no really, that’s the scientific name for a group of crows nestled together– “MURDER.”

Have you ever wondered why some birds will pick on you consistently? The reason may be because of imprinting– meaning if you try to hurt a crow or are successful at hurting it, a generation of crows will remember your face and what you did. How you ask. Maybe because another crow seen you do it. [ominous]

For the record, I don’t put feathers on all my hats that’s just ridiculous. And as for the Porky-pine Quill, it’s there to show the world that like the Porky-pine this Open Road may appear soft, but it’s deadly strong— and I’ll use it if you try and mess with my Open Road.

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