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Pre-order a new hat from the comfort of your home and get free shipping on a hat made for you. Select a style YOU WANT TO buy and we’ll handle the rest.

Shopping for the perfect-fitting hat can be an adventure. A VintageHatters brand of hats takes only minutes to buy. Original western favourites and classic fedora hats. Charlie1 Horse Resistol and Stetson are just a few. Select a hat from our selection of books online and we’ll order that item direct.

Connect with us about a hat made for you. Get free shipping on American-made headwear for men and women. Link to our books to pre-order a hat today. Shop from a beautiful collection of styles. Follow us to learn more about our brand of hats.

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Rose Bowl Flea Market – Pasadena Ca. By entering the flea market you agree that your image may be used for promotion, in any and all media without compensation to you. The market is known worldwide because of its uniqueness, and the quality of vendors, like VintageHatters

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Shop us online and experience the same authentic quality hats from our pop store – VintageHatters.Square.Site

We recently partnered with to keep your shopping experience secure and simple. Link up to and use your gift card to shop our brand of hats. We offer the same quality hats sold in our hat shops across Los Angeles. American-made hats from fur felt and premium wool blend felt.

Vintage, new, or imported straw hats, you will appreciate the original quality of our brand of hats. Shop our brands for western and fedora hats, and reacquaint yourself with the original quality of an American-made hat. Learn more about our brand and become inspired by the quality VintageHatters has to offer.

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: Vintage Western Hats

Find us blocks from downtown Long Beach California. VintageHatters’ brand of hats is as unique in style as its history. Reacquaint yourself with the original American-made headwear from a time long past.