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Home is where the heart takes you, so wherever you decide to wander about, take your hat with you. Long Beach is our home and original quality headwear is our reputation. Connect with us online or in-store and experience original quality and vintage hats.

Visit the vintagehat.com home page to learn more about our brand of original quality headwear. Choose from a selection of quality brands of hats. Shop securely and with confidence when you link to our product page, catalogues or website and easily shop our brands of hats.

Fine Fur Felt Hats

Imported Palm and Straw Hats

Premium Wool-blend Hats

Genuine Panama Hats

Discover more about our brands of hats and original quality vintage hats. Visit us and experience quality hats from our store. Shop our brands of hats with confidence and experience original quality new headwear. Experience original quality vintage hats at every pop-up shop & location across Los Angeles.

Vintage Hatter home page; Original quality hats. Shop our brands of hats Connect with us online or onsite.

New Brands Available: D.C Custom Design, Marina DelRey. Shop our brand of hats for men and women, when you’re in LA.

Learn more about our brand of hats, and become inspired by the original quality vintage hats we carry. Fine fur felt hats, imported straw, and premium wool blend hats. Connect with us online, and shop our brands of hats online for a quick delivery – thevintagehat.com