A new year in hats, inspiring styles of Los Angeles.

Spend a brand new year in hats. We’re inspired by your personal style.

Consider spending a full year in hats. Most days, I dawn a black beret. Stepping out as a man about town, I’ll sport a Stetson Open Road. My friends and I are curata superb choice of original quality vintage hats. Uncovering that specialty hat is what we do. Keeping tradition, and quality top-of-mind. We’re out to make old new again. Visit our hat store online. Reacquaint yourself with original quality vintage hats.

Headquartered in Long Beach, uncovering that specialty hat is what We do. If you’re like my friends and me you can spend a year in hats. You have many styles. That specialty brim is what we do. Searching for the finest hats, wide brim, low crown and caps too. We’re always uncovering a fantastic collection of original quality vintage hats. Become inspired by our brands. Find us on social media; IG, and Facebook — @vintagehatters. Shop our brands of hats online. Learn more about our brands of hats and styles.


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Write to us or call – 424*235*5204

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