Contact Us About Your Distinctive Hat

Contact us anytime. About that hat, you always wanted. Or about a hat you have at our pop-up shop stores.

Contact us at any time, call us (424) 235-5204 or write to us at email:info@thecintagehat.com. Take a look at our hats available now on SquareUp store Vintage Hatters.

After you find that distinctive hat? Write to us and include your hat size.

Shop our brands of hats with confidence, and reacquaint yourself with original quality vintage hats.

Contact us about your hat or to learn more about that distinctive hat you always wanted. Original quality vintage hats in our collection are unique. You will appreciate many of the hats we carry. Various of the original quality vintage hats in our collection are rare. Store and boutique shops no longer produce these types of hats.

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