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Experience more about our brand of hats. We’re more than just another hat store. Connect with us Today, online or onsite.

Connect with us online or onsite and experience the original quality of American-made hats for men and women. You get more from VintageHatters brands of hats. Beautifully designed hats made for men and women. Crafted by specialists with decades of experience, our collection of hats is as unique in style as its history. Made from premium pure-felt or fur blend materials. If you’re considering quality hats, you’ll appreciate the multiple styles of cowboy hats or the vintage high crown fedora. You will appreciate the feel and fit of many of our vintage fur felt, western hats, or fedora hats. The vintage hat collection is unique in style and limited in production. Our collection features incomparable quality, style, and fit with classic styles from Charlie1 Horse, Resistol, and Stetson hats.

VintageHatters collection is a unique and stylish representation of its rich history. It’s easy to fall in love with these hats, just as you did!

The Vintage Hat Collection boasts a unique style steeped in history and tradition. Crafted by master hat makers, the hats are made with precision blocks and the highest standards in mind, resulting in top-quality hats. These hats are made from pure felt or fur-blend materials and are modeled after head shapes to ensure a better fit. Choose VintageHatters for your headwear needs and rediscover the original quality of American-made hats. Our vintage hats are sure to impress with their style and quality. Among our collection, you’ll find vintage western hats such as Tom Mix, Boss of the Plain, and Stage Coach.

The Stetson hat continues to be made in the same fantastic way.

The Stetson hat is a testament to old-school craftsmanship and quality natural materials. It exudes both power and elegance, and we are proud to offer a wide variety of Stetson hat styles – from western and fedora to Panama. Each Stetson hat is made in Garland, TX, by master hat makers who adhere to an exacting set of standards. Shop our brand for western and fedora hats and experience better-fitting headwear crafted by Stetson.

Resistol hats are designed with the outdoor lifestyle in mind, ensuring a one-of-a-kind fit that is perfect for your needs.

They are crafted by master hatters using quality materials, and decades of expertise. The Resistol brand of hats is crafted for you in Garland TX producing fantastic straw, felt hats, and western wear. You’ll appreciate the original quality of an American-made hat. Experience a better-fitting hat, that feels as if it was made for you by Resistol.

Connect with us online to reacquaint yourself with the original quality of American-made headwear for men and women. Choose VintageHatters for your headwear needs and rediscover the original quality of American-made hats.

Our hats are known for their unparalleled quality – a level of craftsmanship that’s hard to find in today’s manufacturing.