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What is it about our brand of hats and style?

American-made from quality fur felt materials, traditional craftsmanship, and styling. Become a fan and reacquaint yourself with original quality vintage headwear. We’re making old new again with our brand of hats. Made in America by old-world craftsmen and tradition, you’ll fall in love with hats, all over again. Our selection of vintage headwear is made from quality fine fur or felt blend materials and old-school hat-making standards.

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What is it about our brand of hats and styles that’s better?
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Keeping your shopping experience confidential and secure is our #1 priority. Go shopping with confidence, secure check-out, and CC processing » VintageHatters | @SquareUp.com. Connect with us online or in-store and discover the Original quality of our vintage hats and traditional western headwear. Be a fan of thevintagehat.com and learn first-hand about our brand of hats and the pride of service we provide. When you own a hat by VintageHatters, you’ll appreciate the look and feel of original quality vintage western and traditional fedora hats.