About Our Brand

Learn about our brand of hats and style. Original quality vintage and new hats.

We’ve introduced a line of hats you will fall in love with over again. We’re making old new again with our brand of select hats. Original quality vintage and newer hats. Most importantly the hats we stock are made of higher-quality fur felt and wool blends. Unmatched by today’s hats market. Discover more about our brand of hats, American made in Garland TX.

Located in Long Beach California, Vintage Hatters is making old new again. With an excellent selection of fine fur felt hats and a premium selection of wool blend hats. Visit our pop-shops and reacquaint yourself with the look and feel of original quality hats, made in America by traditional craftsmen.

Its A Fine Old Hat

Original quality materials do in-fact lack in today’s market. The making of fine hats begins with fine quality materials, pure. For a time using the finest (fur-felt) 100% original quality material was the standard. Companys’ worked independently with integrity. Quality mattered in the past. The wheels of big-business changed the demand for making quality hats by the outsourcing of more secondary materials. Having original quality materials guarantees quality and comfort together rolled up in a style. Connect with us online or in-store to shop our brand of hats.

Made In America. Why It Matters

More visible today, “made in America” beginning in the latter half of the 1800s became standard. The manufacturing companies, in the beginning, sourced quality materials. Making quality goods meant usability and protection from the elements. Huge demand for materials rose beyond America. The Sourcing of quality materials meant you were producing a quality product, made in America.

HAT MAKING IN THE 21ST CENTURY – Hats are an are-inventive art form with a language all its own. Old Stock, New Old Stock – a style of old hat. In our collection, we have hats that are no longer made. These hats are in great condition. The term deadstock or new old stock is referred to an old hat that never left the storeroom. Many of these are great hats to own. They are no longer made. These types of old hats remained in the back storeroom for decades probably. Sold as deadstock, and new old stock as never sold. Become a fan of the vintage hat. And you’ll appreciate the look and feel of an original quality vintage hat.

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WE’RE OPEN AND READY TO SHIP TO YOU. So keep in mind our favorite flea markets, and venues will open soon. Get discounts on select hats and styles – 15% to 25% OFF [USE CODE: 8BBKAJ6Q] Add a gift card today to shop online and free shipping.

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